Mini Asphalt Drum Mix plant – 30 TPH

 Our Mini Asphalt Drum mix plant with large years of expertise and is strictly built with customer focused designOur asphalt drum mix plant is ideal construction equipment used for manufacturing of asphalt that is mainly used for road construction and other civil construction. Mini Asphalt drum mix plant -30 TPH are outfitted with the latest technology, quality components process controls, automation. Portable units are which is mounted tractor mounted are easily moved from one job site to another site and arriving at a new site the plant can be rapidly setup for operation within just a few hours. With its features easy to use, minimum maintenance, excellent performances, powerful drum drive and less fuel consumption.


  • Easy to use
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low dust emission
  • Designed for international market
  • Excellent performance
  • Excellent output capacity
  • Powerful drum drive
  • Less fuel consumption
Cold Aggregate Supply system

Our cold Aggregate Supply system consists of the cold aggregate hopper. Cold aggregate vibrate screen aggregates conveyor belt, conveyor etc. The aggregate in the bin can be cut automatically. Each hopper is equipped with adjustable operating doors that determine the discharge quantity for the materials capacity in outlet. The vibration screen can filter the cold aggregate of large particle size which can avoid the heat loss during a production process.

Mixing system

The drum asphalt mix plant with separate mixing bin. The mixing   process is carried out the dry mixer drum. The inner side of drum mixer has small mixing blades which can blend the aggregate filler and asphalt evenly.  The mixing  blades and liners are high wear resistant with long service life.


Thermo drum burner is the heart of the entire system hence its efficiency  easy of serviceability etc. are the most important factor. The high pressure and fully  automatic remotely controlled the burner unit. Completely automatic process controls   with the system interlocks ensure conformance to high safety standards. Our unique  nozzle systems allows cleaning during running condition thus allowing zero downtime  of Drum mix plants.

Vibrating Screen