Mini Asphalt Drum Mix plant- 60 TPH

we are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Mobile asphalt drum mix plant. The offered Mini asphalt drum mix plant Manufactured with standard quality materials and advanced technology. Each hopper has been properly designed with slop allowing a constant discharge or dual is lifted with the vibratory motor to ensure the free flow. Each hopper is equipped with an adjustable operating system that isdetermined to discharge quantity of the materials capacity in the outlet as a function of specific weight materials.

The mdm features like easy operation, low maintenance cost to meet international quality standards. The plant which is supplied with the centralized control panel including the motor center circuit breakers is provided in the control panel. The control panel comprises of the automatic burner control aggregate and asphalt blending control, motor control, feeder control, and electric switch gear the parameter like a temperature of bitumen hot mix materials which exhaust gases and aggreagate weight asphalt percentage, hot mix materials weight etc. The offered mix asphalt drum is available in various TPH level stating from TPH 20-150 according to the size and specification of our valuable client. We offer this at very nominal rates.

sphalt drum mix plant

Our turninous roller running on heavy duty bearing this drum dividend in to two zones