Asphalt Bitumen Tank

Vinayak Road construction equipment offering our client an excellent quality range of Asphalt Bitumen Tank. Our Bitumen storage tank is heated by a U-shaped heating tube fitted with the automatic burner of adequate capacity.  The Bitumen Tank is manufactured with an optimum quality of materials and advanced technology. Our Tank is fully insulated to minimize heat losses and is of 15,000 liters Capacity. Our Bitumen pump is controlled by varying the RPM of DC Motor. In order to ensure high pressure and high standard of quality the offered Asphalt Bitumen tank undergo various quality assurance procedure. Due to the success of Vinayak road equipment range of Bitumen Container combine the key design principle of high carrying capacity, operator safety, heat efficiency and durability. Our Asphalt Bitumen tanks are available at industrial leading prices.

Available in following ranges

  • Thermometers
  • Heat efficiency and durability
  • Thermic duct, Manhole, lifting hooks, Breather pipe
  • Operator safety
  • Electronic high pressure Jet Burner
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Heavy duty Jacketed Asphalt Pump